Energy Double Glazing

The energy windows or low emissivity glazing low-emissivity (Low-e), having a special coating on one side of the surface function as mirrors in the infrared electromagnetic radiation. This results in the reduction of heat radiation passing through the glass. Thus the radiation of the environment does not readily pass through a low-e glass, and vice versa, the heat radiation of the inner space can not readily escape to the outside. The coating mentioned above is as usual as thin metal film which is transparent.

Energy windows are never used alone, ie as single glazing but always multi-layered structures, such as double glazing and triple glazing. Finally it should be noted that the use of low-e glass greatly reduced fading of the colors of the articles ( curtains, furniture, carpets, …) in the interior space. The use of low-e glass is primarily in homes and offices, where the cooling and heating costs critical and the use of this type of glass may cause sufficient reduction in the cooling and heating costs.


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