Horizontal Movement

The insect screen with horizontal movement is a product which provides solution for the protection from insects and dust on balcony doors where the usage is frequent.

Its characteristics are:

  • High durability soft, cloth made of Fiberglass
  • Internal and external handles, which provide easy use and functionality
  • Deep upper rail to prevent cloth from coming out
  • Enhanced lower rail for maximum durability and easy access when walking over it
  • Breaking system (optional), which slows down the rapid return of the insect screen for more safety and durability over time
  • Easy magnetic closure placed on all its height to avoid pulling unevenly and resulting in damaging the cloth. (Available also on demand with the classic closure hook in the middle)
  • Folding floor guide making passing through and floor cleaning a lot easier
  • Possibility to be expanded to a  double sash
  • Reinforced axle to prevent bending and cloth damage
  • Extremely easy installation, without screws
  • Galvanized, chromed spring to prevent rust and always working noiselessly
  • Galvanised metal base on the rear side of the bar for better support in the middle and less wear of the cloth
  • System for easy guide screwing drivers during installation, keeping the screw without impairing visibility brushes


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