Plisse screen was mainly builded for french doors, covering any desired width (opening) offering easy operation.

Its characteristics are:

  • Plastic ”caterpillar” guide style, which allows to avoid a floor guide,  offering a smoother passage and easiness of floor cleaning
  • Manufactured from incombustible and high endurance polypropylene folding cloth (accordion type), offering protection from insects, dust and provides shadow
  • Kevlar strings, knitted between the cloth, providing endurance to air pressure and frequent daily use
  • Lack of return spring, resulting in easiness to open and close for children or older people
  • Special plastic fasteners which make it possible for any user to remove it easily for cleaning or storing
  • Possibility to cover big openings of balcony doors and use a single, double, triple or quadruple sash; covers a maximum opening of 6 meters



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