Vertical Movement

The insect screen with vertical movement is a product which provides solution for the protection from insects and dust on balcony doors where the usage is frequent. It offers functionality and durability.

Its characteristics are:

  • High durability soft, cloth made of Fiberglass
  • Extremely easy installation, without screws
  • No lower guide making passing and floor cleaning easy
  • Reinforced axle and galvanized return back spring on an aluminum box, offering functionality and resistance in time
  • Breaking system (optional), which slows down the rapid return of the insect screen for more safety and durability over time
  • Internal handles and string for easiness and functionality
  • Aluminum guides with a bruch to prevent cloth coming out
  • Plastic regulators on the bottom for easy adjustment of the screen to the desired floor height
  • A slight slope at the sill to avoid relocation of the screen due to strong wind and brush at the bottom in order to fill all gaps



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