Technical Information

Glavas PVC & Aluminium Systems

Protection from heat and cold, energy saving, sound insulation, waterproofing, controlled ventilation, improved quality of life.

Thermal Insulation – Economy

The plastic frames not only assist in cutting off your energy costs, since significant protection from heat and cold simultaneously means reduced heating and cooling energy consumption, but also decrease the environmental pollution. Even the most adverse climatic conditions such as extreme temperatures or the sea air can not affect the operation of the synthetic frames. No special care is required. The durability, stability of shape and smooth surface ensure that you are happy your plastic frames a lot longer.


Soundproofing to ensure your health. Sound pollution is responsible for a number of diseases that affect hearing which have an impact on mental balance. Effective soundproofing is not just a matter of comfort, but plays a key role for the well-being of people. If the windows are literally the “finer points of the house”, greatly affecting the sound insulation of buildings .

Proper Ventilation

Structural imperfections, such as windows, doors and leaking stonework were responsible in the past years, due to significant energy losses for uncontrolled self-ventilation of buildings, which has now been replaced by controlled basic ventilation. In cases with ventilation gap eg windows that are permanently in retracted position spent energy and the air is not completely renewed. The furniture and the walls are exposed to large temperature fluctuations. 10 minutes of ventilation with two facing windows opened are the best way to vent. All of the space air renewed while the stored heat warms again the fresh air quickly, without major losses.


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