Fireproof Doors

A very important factor in slowing down and containing the fire as much as possible, are fire resistant doors and especially fireproof doors (fire doors).

According to the “fire regulations of new buildings” in all buildings (houses, hotels, nursing facilities, schools, etc.) there must be flameproof apartments and escape routes that are sealed with fire doors with fire resistance (eg REI 60 ‘) depending on the procedure.

Our company sells products resistant to fire 60 minutes, in a large variety of types and sizes (with single or double sash, predetermined dimensions or dimensions adapted to the functional needs of each customer).
They may also be fitted with such systems, which can hold them in the open position or even with automatic closing via smoke and temperature sensors. All structures are accompanied by the necessary certificates approved by foreign institutes (DIN, UNI, etc.) and recognized by the ELOT.

  • Certified and tested pursuant to Regulation UNI 9723
  • Steel frame, galvanized, painted with primer and finally electrostatically painted.
  • Thermal Intumescent film over the frame, to ensure smoke seal
  • Sash filled with thermal intumescent material
  • Fireproof locks, knobs and handles


  • Frame

The frame is ttype “Z”, made of high strength steel, 1,5mm/1,8mm thick. Electrostatically painted in gray RAL 7035 color and features a slot for an optional installation of soundproofing rubber gasket.

  • Doorleaf

The door leaf is made of a painted grey in RAL 7035 color galvanized steel sheet

  • Hinges

Hinges are adjustable and feature a return spring

  • Locks

Fire locks are sdelivered complete with lock fitting and common key

  • Handles

Ergonomically designed fire resistant handles

  • Thermal intumescent elastic band

Door is equipped with a thermal intumescent elastic band of 3.0 x 20mm, or 3.0 x30mm (depending on application)

  • Insulation

Door lead is filled in the inside with an insulation material out of mineral wool sheets of 150kgr/m3 (RF60′) or 180kgr/m3 (RF120′)

  • Safety Pin
  • Jambs-distancer

(Removed after installation)

  • Mounting Hinges

Distances of 155 x 30 x 2mm

Fireproof Doors glavas aluminium pvc systems


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